Center Comments

What pregnancy center leaders are saying about the all new Before You Decide!


“I didn’t care for the new look however several of the teens that viewed it liked it sooo I am supporting what our clients need.”


“So much information might seem overwhelming– but the snip-bits of information help to make it easy to digest! Great design— I am 23 and I loved reading through this. Someone my age would definitely pick this up to read.”


“We’ve giving BYD to our volunteers for them to become comfortable with before we start using them. However, I’ve already given the BYD magazine to two young women considering abortion. It’s a great tool for them to take home and read later. Thank you.”


“As a young adult, I think this is exactly what women of my age (or even younger) need. It’s informative and caring without trying to force anyone into making a decision. It’s also visually interesting, and draws you in.”


“I loved the real-life stories! That brings it “home” for the reader.”


“The format helps make reading each section easy and it isn’t text-heavy. Colors are bright and the eyes follow each section easily by how it’s presented editorially.”


“We absolutely love the graphics, especially the back cover of the magazine, ‘be strong, courageous, unafraid.’ ”


Outstanding! Thanks so much for keeping us relevant in sharing this vital, accurate info with our clients in such a great format…loaded with good stuff!


I am blown away by the content. I love how it looks. We are putting it in the waiting room because it looks just like a magazine. I plan to spread some into the community and hopefully schools and churches.